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"It gives me great pleasure to respond to such excellent service by your company via your web site. I have recently been struggling with some health issues that have made shopping and upgrading my home on my own nearly impossible. It only took one appointment with Sun Lee and Will Knicely to know that I could work with a team of professional designers who were able to come to my home and guide me through wise decisions to upgrade and redecorate my family room. They were so considerate of my time, the cost, providing excellent suggestions, and then doing superb workmanship. They not only enhanced my space to recuperate but it was a therapeutic experience throughout.

Sometimes homeowners, especially during uncertain economic times, are reluctant to upgrade homes with the help of decorators and/or designers because charges are made for every moment of their time while they explore for fabrics, wallpaper, and the like. This has not been my experience with Washington[ian] Interiors. I can absolutely recommend their consideration of clients, work, and willingness to please.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Sun Lee and Will Knicely. As my health improves, I plan to move on and "keep decorating". Washington[ian] Interiors, in my estimation, is without a doubt, the very best!"

Donna Jean Cloud
Mclean, VA

  Washingtonian Interiors, Inc.